Why You Should Consider a Whole House Water Filtration System

Life would be very simple if all water on Earth was completely pure and untainted. Unfortunately, the truth is that it’s virtually impossible to access water that hasn’t been polluted with chemicals and contaminants. Regardless of whether you use municipal or well water, it can be dangerous to use and drink unfiltered. A whole house water filtration system is an effective and reliable way to enjoy water from your faucet without worrying about the adverse effects linked to contaminated water.

A Whole House Filtration System Delivers Cleaner, Safer Water

You would never knowingly give yourself or your child a glass of water saturated with agricultural chemicals and heavy metals, but without a filtration system you might unknowingly do it on a regular basis. Fluoride, lead, aluminum, and chlorine are just a few of the many contaminants commonly found in drinking water, and they all carry unwanted health effects. Lead consumption stunts development in children and causes kidney problems in adults, while aluminum is linked to health issues like Alzheimer’s and skin conditions. Even fluoride, which some municipal water systems purposefully add for oral health benefits, has been connected to long term damage to the body.

By installing a whole house water filtration system, you can rest easy knowing that microbial pathogens, chemicals, toxic metals, and other dangerous pollutants have all been removed from your water. You can simply turn on the faucet, fill up your cup, and quench your thirst.

It’s Simple!

A whole house filtration system purifies all of the water used in your home with a simple filter connected to your water line. All water brought into your piping system will pass through the filter before being routed to appliances, faucets, and toilets. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of clean water everywhere in your home. You’ll notice that your appliances run smoother and your water smells and tastes more refreshing.

Best of all, you don’t need to worry about installing a full house water filtration system yourself. Aquatech Well Drilling and Pumps in Northwest Washington offers residential, commercial, and industrial water filtration services with a personal touch. Call (360) 474-7980 to speak with an Aquatech expert and enjoy the benefits of a filtration system in your own home.