The Most Important Well Drilling FAQs

Whether you have owned a well for years, just became a new well owner, or are in the process of planning a well, it is essential to understand the ins and outs of well water well basics. The following answers to frequently asked questions will give you an important launching point to ensure you have all of the knowledge you need to succeed.

What Is a Drilled Well, Exactly?

A well is a hole that is drilled deep into the ground. The top portion of the well is lined with casing to prevent collapse and stop any contaminants from entering the water supply. A pump sits at the bottom of the well to move water up through pipes to a distribution line. A well cap is placed at the very top of the well to provide sanitary protection and safety.

Where Should I Drill For Water?

A well drilling expert needs to evaluate your land to identify the location that has most direct access to groundwater. This is entirely dependent upon geologic conditions. Based upon the geologic characteristics of your land, you may only need to drill 50 feet into the ground to hit water, or you may need to drill 400 feet!

What Should I Know About Groundwater?

Most people don’t realize that the amount of groundwater hidden in the earth actually dwarfs the amount of water in all of the lakes, streams, and rivers in the United States. In fact, there is about 20 to 30 times more groundwater than surface water, and groundwater adds nearly 500 billion gallons per day to U.S surface water bodies. Wells tap into this steady supply of groundwater by reaching far into the earth.

Is Using Well Water Common?

Millions of people use well water every day. The only country that uses wells more than America is India! Nearly one million households use well water in Pennsylvania alone. Since groundwater is a renewable resource, this is good news!

Since the quality of your well water will depend directly upon the quality of your well drilling, installation, and service, be sure to hire a team of experts to handle your water well needs. AquaTech Well Drilling and Pumps serves Northwest Washington with the very best well, pump, and irrigation services in the area. Call (360) 474-7980 now to get started!