Signs It’s Time For a New Well Pump

If you are one of the millions of homeowners relying on a well and pump to use water in your home, you know that it’s not a “set it and forget it” type of responsibility. You need to monitor and maintain your well and pump to prevent any issues that would threaten to leave you without water.

Make sure you stay alert for the following signs to identify when your pump needs to be repaired or replaced.

Low Water Pressure

One of the earliest signs of a failing water pump is diminished water pressure when you run water from your faucet. Your well uses a closed tank that the pump fills with water. As water fills the tank, the air inside becomes compressed until enough pressure exists to trip the pressure switch.

When you turn on the faucet, that air pressure forces water out. If the tank loses pressure, the pump has to work overtime to keep the tank full, which eventually leads it to burn out. This is why it’s so important to address low water pressure problems as soon as they begin. You could save yourself the hassle and cost of replacing your water pump!

Dirty Water

Dirty water also indicates problems with the pump. In most cases, dirty water occurs when your pump is too large for what your well actually needs or your pump is not placed at the proper depth. These issues lead the pump to draw dirt into your water supply. It goes without saying that dirty water is hazardous to your health, so call in a pump service expert immediately.

Higher Electric Bills

Have you noticed your electric bill creeping up month by month? This could be a sign that your pump is running continuously to maintain water pressure. It shouldn’t have to run constantly, which means a problem exists. Your tank could be waterlogged. If you ignore this problem, your pump will likely burn out and break.

Don’t Wait to Get Help

Only an experienced professional should diagnose and resolve your water pump problems. AquaTech Well Drilling and Pumps serves Northwest Washington with high-quality services to ensure that your home or business enjoys clean, fresh, healthy water. Call AquaTech today at (360) 474-7980 to tackle the repair or replacement of your own well water pump.