Three Reasons to Store Water On Site

When you have your own well, it is important that you are prepared in case you need water and your well is not working or otherwise unavailable. It is important that you have water for emergencies so that you can stay hydrated and clean. There are several reasons that you should store water on site aside from your well.

Unexpected Well Repairs

If you have unexpected well repairs that are needed, you may not be able to use your well for a few days or weeks until it is repaired and working. During that time you will still need water for cooking, hygiene, and drinking. It is recommended that you have at least one gallon of water per person per day for drinking and basic hygiene. You may want to have more water than this on hand so that you can also bathe properly, wash your clothing, and cook with water.

Emergencies and Natural Disasters

Natural disasters such as tornadoes, strong storms, and the like can often cause damage to your well, well pump, or water filtration system. In these emergencies, it is even more important to have water on site and ready for use. When you have water stored on site, it means that you and your family will have your basic needs met, even if water in the rest of the town or area is rationed or scarce.

Needing a New Well

Ideally, you will notice that your well is getting low before it actually runs dry so that you have time to dig a new well. However, if you do not realize that you need a new well soon enough, it is possible that you will have a period of time without a working well. Make sure you have water stored on site so that your basic needs are met while you are waiting for the new well to be dug.

If you have any additional questions about how and why you should store water on site to backup your well, contact us for more information.