What You Need to Know About Well Maintenance

Once you spend the money and resources to start a well on your property, you may think that most of the work is done. Yet there is quite a bit of maintenance that you will need to consider during the lifetime of your well to keep it functioning properly and the water clean. Follow these well maintenance tips to keep your well going strong for 20 years or longer.

Basic Maintenance of Your Well

There is some basic maintenance you will need to follow for your new well. You will want to make sure that your well stays safe, which means being careful about what you put around it. Never use or store harsh chemicals such as paint, fertilizer, or pesticides near the well. If you use chemical products on your lawn, keep them far away from the well. Never put a hose used with chemicals into the well.

You will also want to be very careful about mowing and maintaining your landscaping around your well. If you clip the well casing with your mower or weed eater, it could compromise the well’s function and the quality of the water. You will also want to make sure that you leave at least one foot of your well above ground when you are landscaping.

Annual Maintenance

You should have your well inspected, tested, and maintained at least once per year. During an annual inspection, a professional well expert will test the quality of your water, inspect the function and parts of the pump, and do any maintenance that is required to keep your well in top shape. It is important to have this inspection and maintenance done by a licensed professional.

If you have a new well that needs routine maintenance, please contact us today for an estimate and to schedule an appointment. We are experienced in well inspections and maintenance, regardless of the age of the well.