Why Do You Need a Water Filtration System?

Do you know exactly what processes are used to filter your drinking water? Do you turn on the tap and trust that the water in your glass is safe to put into your body? Whether you receive your water from a municipal system or your own well system, it’s essential that you take filtration into your own hands.

The History of Dirty Water

Fossil fuels, chemicals, and other dangerous toxins have been steadily poisoning water sources around the globe for 200 years, especially as factories use oceans and rivers as dumping grounds for chemical waste.

In 1972, the United States Congress passed the Clean Water Act in an effort to restore the chemical, physical, and biological makeup of waterways severely damaged by pollution. Though industrial sites are now held to strict environmental standards, and municipal water sources use high-powered filtration to clean and purify water, the system is hardly perfect.

Without high-quality purification and filtration, water puts the body at risk of many different diseases and immune problems. In fact, the simple process of filtering water reduces the risk of gastrointestinal disease by more than 33%.

Benefits of At-Home Water Filtration

An in-home water filtration is the best solution to ensure you drink clean water every day. Basic water filters are available in home goods stores, but for the best results, you should install a professional grade filter.

Filters can eliminate chlorine, bacteria, lead, mercury, and many of the other 2,100 known toxins that could be present in drinking water. This is vital considering that the toxins commonly found in drinking water have been linked to rectal cancer, colon cancer, bladder cancer, gastrointestinal disease, and even neurological delays.

An in-home water filtration system will also save you money on water bottles each week, not to mention the benefits to the environment from reducing your plastic consumption! Overall, installing a professional filtration system is the easiest and most affordable way for you to protect your health, prevent disease, and enjoy cleaner tasting and smelling water.

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