Autumn Irrigation: How to Save Money and Water

As winter approaches, it’s important to consider the needs of your irrigation system. Since your plants and grass will not require nearly as much water during the cooler months of the year, it’s time to adjust your irrigation habits, service your irrigation technology, and prepare for a new season. Here’s what you need to know to save two valuable resources, money and water.

Prevent Overwatering

Water is a valuable natural resource that also costs you money with every gallon that you use. Strategic irrigation management will help you maintain a beautiful, lush landscape year round, but irresponsible irrigation habits will result in a higher water bill and diminished curb appeal.

There are simple steps you can take to prevent overwatering now that your lawn won’t need so much hydration. These steps also simplify your own irrigation maintenance:

  • Use an automatic timer so you don’t have to rely on memory to turn irrigation on and off
  • Test all sprinkler heads to make sure their spray zones don’t overlap, as any overlaps will deliver too much water to a single spot
  • Purchase and install a rainfall shut off device to interrupt your sprinkler cycles when it rains

Maintenance Your Irrigation System in Preparation For Spring

Due to the climate in Washington, your irrigation system will not be heavily used during the upcoming winter months, but you will need to turn everything back on in the spring. To make the winter to spring transition as easy as possible, it’s ideal to maintenance the full irrigation system in the fall.

Any potential problems can be identified and repaired before the harsh winter weather arrives. You’ll know that your irrigation system is primed and ready to get back to work when warm weather arrives.

It’s always important to stay aware of the condition of your irrigation system, but if you would rather trust irrigation experts with this task, all you need to do is contact a trusted Washington company like Aquatech Well Drilling & Pumps in Sedro-Woolley. Call Aquatech today at 360-474-1322 for professional help making the most out of your irrigation system.