The Benefits of a New Water Well

Digging a new well on your property may seem like quite the investment of money, time, and effort, but there are some very good benefits of having a new water well. Whether you are digging a well on your property for the first time or replacing an existing well, there are some definite advantages to making this investment.

First Time Wells

There are a lot of advantages to having a well on your property. When you have your own well, you save quite a lot on utility costs. Your initial investment can be high, but your monthly expenses for water will be cut out almost entirely. Other than the occasional maintenance or repair of your well, you will not have any expenses for monthly water use.

Another advantage to having a well is that you have cleaner water. This is better for both your health and the environment. City water is filtered and treated with chemicals, and those chemicals have to go somewhere. When you use a water well, your water comes directly from the earth, without chemical treatments. Most people also find that their well water has a better taste than city usage.

Well Replacements

Wells do not last forever, and it is important that you dig a new well before the old one is completely played out. If you have begun to notice that you are losing water pressure, your water usage has increased, or your water tastes different than before, it may be time to think about digging a new well.

There are advantages to digging a new well while the old one is still in use. When you dig a new well, the well will last for around 20 years. Digging the new well while the old one is still working somewhat will ensure that your household does not go without running water. A new well is also a good opportunity to update your well pump and plumbing so you have good water pressure and clean water coming into your home.

If you are interested in a new well or a replacement well, contact us today for more information. We can dig a new well and outfit it with all of the necessary equipment so you can start saving today.