Types of Water Pressure Systems for Wells

When you have a well on your property that delivers water to your home, the water pressure system is what brings the water indoors to your plumbing fixtures. The water pressure system is made up of a well pump and a water pressure tank. There are three different types of water pressure tanks, and which one you have may depend on how old your well system might be.

Air Over Water Pressure Tanks

This water pressure tank is usually made of galvanized metal and has a very simple design. This type of pressure tank is frequently found in older homes, and newer types that are more effective have been developed since. The tank is a simple design that allows for water and air to enter the tank. And when the pressurized air moves over the water, it pumps it into the house. If you have this type of water pressure system, it might pay to have it upgraded to one of the more recent and effective models.

Diaphragm Pressure Tanks

These water pressure tanks consist of a two-chamber system, one for water and one for compressed air. A diaphragm of rubber keeps the water and air separated. The diaphragm moves with the flow of water as it comes into the tank. And when it reaches a certain level, it shuts off the water pump. This is another common type of water pressure tank, but it sometimes has issues with the rubber diaphragm leaving the sides of the tank or becoming lodged.

Bladder Pressure Tanks

This water pressure tank also uses a two-chamber system, but this one has a bladder, or balloon filled with water, that expands and contracts to trigger a sensor that activates the pump. This is the most efficient type of water pressure system, but it can also have its problems if the bladder becomes lodged or pops.

If you have a well with an older water pressure system or need your system repaired, we can help. Contact us today for more information or an onsite assessment.